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01-Nov-2017 15:33

I have a camera and love to meet new people online.

Please contact me if you are interested in some fun without anyone knowing.

During our last confrontation, he said something interesting "you should be happy that I am doing better/doing less of it". What drives me crazy, is that he puts this happy go lucky, super interesting, everyone's hero type of guy and no one know the amount of hurt he has giving me over his 'addition'. I know that he does not react well with negative enforcement but at the same time I don't want to baby him into being a responsible husband. He is a good husband, never says No to me, let me do anything I want, but I feel he is not comfortable speaking about 'us'.

I don't know how to show him the amount of hurt he is causing me. He will literally blank out or fall asleep (right in front of me! He is totally blocking it conversations, so I stop trying.

I have been used to chat with other women on this room befor 3 or 3 years ago, it was fun and cool, every day I have a new friend to chat with about anything in marriage and when I say anything I mean anything, I am open minded and love to chat with married women who care to chat with others, I try to go back to chat in these rooms befor a month, it was disgusting I cant make any full chat most of the women there r cam girls of sults want to make money from chat and phone calls, I try to chat for one week to see what I can do but I do nothing becouse the same girls are there and not just that most of them are a program computer that answering your questions.

I was befor like these rooms bwcouse it is a way of getting out of the marriage problems and have some fun in the same time. I have a female that i only known her since i known online chating....already 5 years ago, Some of my friend in my contact in my yahoo messenger are mariange and some of them still single.

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These men shower money and attention which their husbands do not.

Married women try to look for the married men because they do not want to have inexperienced sex and they want experienced men to take them to higher level of gratification.

This no longer remains a question that why are cheating wives looking for married men.

He is addited to online chats and loves to do advances to women, and do all the 'dirty talk' with them.

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I have caught him posting ads as he was single, requesting for pictures, offer to meet next time he is in town. I have confronted him multiple time, tried to understand but all he says is just innocent play, he was bored and it's harmless.I have expressed many time how it hurts me and how difficult it was for me to live with his behaviour.